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Dress Code

Q: Does your wedding have a theme? Are there any colors or styles you'd prefer me to wear?

A: Absolutely! Our wedding celebration is a beautiful blend of Indian and American cultures set against the stunning backdrop of Costa Rica. We encourage our friends to choose bold colors, striking designs and embrace the cultural fusion by choosing attire that reflects the vibrancy of Indian weddings and the laid-back elegance of beach formal wear.

Q: What should I wear for the Haldi and the Holi ceremony?

A: Any casual white or light-colored attire will be perfect, as this will allow colors to stand out the most. We will be on the beach with high tides, so any white beachwear would work well. Guests are also welcome to wear Indian attire such as a White Kurta for men or a white Lehenga or Salwar Kameez for women. Some examples are included in the link here.

Q: Will I get color on my clothes when we play Holi? Will the color come out in the wash?

A: You will most likely get some color on you and your clothes during this ceremony. Holi is known as the festival of color, so the more color you get on you, the better! Guests will be throwing eco-friendly colors that easily come off in the shower and when you launder your clothes.

Q: What should I wear for Sangeet & Mehndi Night?

A: Our theme for the Sangeet night is "Glitz & Glamour"!! We strongly encourage Indian attire for Sangeet & Mehndi, as this is a true South Asian celebration. As this night will be full of dancing, music, and merriment, our hope is to try and replicate what an authentic Sangeet would be like if you were attend one at a wedding in India. We would love to be able to take a picture with all our guests dressed in Indian attire on this night!

Indian attire options include Sarees (women), Lehengas (women), Salwar Kameez (women), Anarkalis (women), Kurta Sets (men), Sherwanis (men), or Indo Western clothing (men and women). Some examples are included in the link here.

Please see the links below for online budget-friendly shopping options for these outfits:

  1. Kalki Fashion (Men & Women)
  2. House of Indya (Women only)
  3. Aza Fashions (Men & Women)
  4. Utsav Fashions (Men & Women)
  5. Andaaz Fashion (Men & Women)
    Q: What should I wear for the Wedding Ceremony & Reception?
    A: Guests can choose to wear Indian Attire or Beach Formal wear. Indian options include Sarees, Lehengas, and Salwar Kameez for Women and Sherwanis, Indo-western suits for men. Beach formal options include Linen suit, Maxi Dress, Cocktail Dress.

Q: Are there any other specific types of clothes I should bring on this trip?

A: Nothing specific needed! Tamarindo is a beach town and the weather will likely be dry and warm during the day (highs in the 80s) and cooler at night (lows in the 60s). Feel free to bring any clothes that are comfortable for the tropics, with maybe a couple of long sleeves for the nighttime.


Q: What exactly is Haldi & Holi?

A: The Haldi ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual in Indian weddings where a paste made from turmeric, known as Haldi, is applied to the groom's bodies. This ceremony is considered auspicious and is believed to bring good luck, purification, and a radiant glow to the couple as they embark on their marital journey.

A: Holi ceremony is not typically performed at an Indian wedding, however, we thought it would be a great chance to introduce this joyous celebration to our guests!Also known as the "Festival of Colors," during Holi participants engage in playful festivities, throwing vibrant colored powders and water at each other, dancing, and sharing joyous moments to celebrate the renewal of life and the triumph of light over darkness.

Q: What is a Sangeet? Do I need to dance?

A: Sangeet is another pre-wedding celebration in Indian weddings and involves musical and dance performances by family members and friends of the couple.

The term "Sangeet" itself translates to "music" in Sanskrit, reflecting the emphasis on music and dance during this event. The celebration often includes singing, dancing, and lively performances, as the families come together to celebrate the upcoming union of the couple.

Participation in the Sangeet dance is optional for guests, emphasizing the casual and enjoyable atmosphere. There's no pressure for guests to be skilled dancers; the celebration is meant for everyone to have a good time. Alternatively, guests can contribute by singing or playing a musical instrument, providing a great alternative to dancing. 😊

Q: I'm interested in joining the dance performance for the Sangeet. How can I participate?

A: Fantastic! If you're keen on participating but uncertain about how to do it, connect with Pragya (Div's Sister) . She's here to assist in coordinating the performances. Whether you need guidance in selecting a trendy Bollywood song that suits your dance style or require assistance with choreography, or even a brief Zoom lesson, she's got you covered! Feel free to reach out to her at 909-362-7272 via Text or Phone call!

Moreover, there's an exciting grand finale performance featuring a straightforward choreography that ideally includes all the guests in celebrating the couple. Pragya will organize this performance, sharing a video a few weeks before the event, and there might be a brief rehearsal session at the wedding!

Q: What is Mehendi?

A: Henna! In Indian weddings, a Mehendi event is a pre-wedding celebration where intricate henna designs are applied to the hands & feet. It's a joyous and colorful gathering filled with music, dance, and the aromatic artistry of henna application. This event serves as a festive and traditional way to adorn the couple and celebrate the upcoming wedding.

We will have a henna artist from 8PM-10PM, Friday, April 5th for our guests who may be interested in getting some henna tattoos on their hands.

Q: What is a Baraat?

A: A baraat is a celebratory wedding procession for the grooms involving live music and dancing, along with their family and friends, making a grand entrance to the wedding venue. The grooms typically arrive on a decorated horse or in a stylish vehicle, accompanied by lively music, dance, and celebratory revelry.


Q: Will transportation be provided from the Liberia airport to the hotel (Cala Luna) during pickup on April 4th?

A: Due to guests arriving on different dates and times, we will be unable to provide shuttle service from the Liberia airport to the hotel. However, we have partnered with a local transportation vendor (3 Monkeys) who provides pickup shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. For your convenience, we have created a custom page with them for our wedding where you can directly fill out their Transportation Request Form with your arrival details. After booking, you will get a confirmation email that details where you will find your pickup agent who will bring you to Cala Luna.

Q: What are the rates for transportation if booking through 3Monkies?


  • $25 per person (taxes included): minimum of 5 people on Shared Transportation (they will try to group people arriving and departing on same flights or similar times)
  • $96 for a van, NOT per person (taxes included): 1 to 4 people on Private Transportation (when there is no chance to group people with other guests)

Q: Will transportation be provided to/from the hotel (Cala Luna) to the events throughout the weekend?

A: Yes! Both the Haldi/Holi Ceremony and Sangeet/Mehndi on April 5th will be at Hotel Cala Luna and guests will able to walk to the events. Transportation to and from the wedding ceremony/reception on April 6th will be provided. Shuttles will pick guests up at the lobby of the Cala Luna at approximately 3PM (exact time and details TBD) for transportation to the wedding venue. Shuttles will begin returning guests to the hotel after the reception at 10:30PM, with the last shuttle leaving the venue at 12AM (midnight).

Q: Will transportation be provided from the hotel (Cala Luna) to the Liberia airport on Sunday, April 7th?

A: Regretfully, we will be unable provide transportation for guests back to the airport as many have different flight times, while others are staying in Costa Rica longer. We ask that you use Uber or a rental car. Cala Luna also offers transportation to the airport at an additional cost; please see Guest Services for more information.


Q: What date do I need to RSVP by?

A: We kindly ask all guests to confirm their attendance at the wedding no later than February 10th.

Q: What is the weather like in Tamarindo?

A: Tamarindo is a beach town and the weather in April is usually warm during the day (highs in the 80s) and cooler at night (lows in the 60s). The weather is generally dry and sunny at that time of year, but there can be the occasional rain shower during the afternoon, so please plan accordingly.

Q: Will there be an open bar? Or should I bring cash or a credit card?

A: Yes, we will have an open bar both nights, at the Sangeet/Mehndi and the wedding reception!

Q: Will there be an after party the night of the reception?

A: While we do not have a formal after party planned, guests are invited to explore the local Tamarindo bars which are 5-10 minute walking-distance from Cala Luna. Most bars are open until 2AM.

Q: Do you have a gift registry?

A: Yes, and it can be accessed HERE. However, guests should not feel any pressure to give a gift as your presence at our destination wedding is the greatest gift of all! 😊

Q: Do you have a wedding hashtag?

A: Yes! #RyOrDi2024 😊