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Div Kumar


Ryan Cadorette

Div Kumar and Ryan Cadorette

From Two Worlds to One Heart: Join us for our 'Mumbai meets Maine' blended wedding weekend in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, beginning

Our Story

Once upon a wildly exotic time, in January 2020, fate orchestrated a serendipitous encounter at the quirky 'Bunnies on the Bayou' event. Little did Div and Ryan know that this meeting would set the stage for a Bollywood-style love story, with a tropical twist! Numbers exchanged and flirty texts exchanged hands, but then... cue dramatic music... COVID decided to play its part, and their love story had an unexpected intermission. Lost touch, but no worries, the show must go on!

Fast forward to a mysterious Halloween night later that year (the details might be hazy, blame the costume magic!), and destiny had another plot twist in store. It was like a rom-com movie moment - a meet-cute, take two!

A year passed since first meeting, January 2021 arrived, and they found each other again, with hearts beating like tabla drums. Third time is the charm - They finally went on a date and sparks flew like fireworks on the Fourth of July! Boom!

Then, in February 2021, the infamous Texas freeze wrapped its icy arms around them. But this time, it wasn't just the two of them - Div's best friend Matt joined the party! Chilly weather, warm hearts, and epic memories - this trio turned the freeze into an unforgettable adventure. They laughed, told stories, played card games and drank A LOT of wine. Who knew being frozen could be so heartwarming? And the rest as they say is history

And now, with their hearts thawed and united, they can't wait to say "We do" and create even more hilarious memories together. And here comes the jaw-dropping revelation - this isn't just any wedding! It's a vibrant Indian wedding with all the colors of the rainbow, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Costa Rica's paradise! Get ready for the ultimate fusion of cultures, traditions, and love that will make your hearts dance like Bollywood stars.

So, prepare yourselves for the most entertaining, adventurous, and love-filled extravaganza as Div and Ryan tie the knot in true Bollywood style, surrounded by the rhythm of music, the aroma of spices, and the warmth of family and friends. Let's salsa and saree-twirl our way into their happily ever after!